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July 2013

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We have successfully been accepted and we are now an approved contractor for MA Assist Limited covering various areas in Scotland.


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Gas safeMay 2013

Prater Contracts Ltd are pleased to announce that we are now enrolled on the Gas Safe Register of gas engineers and is therefore deemed a member of a Class of Persons approved by the relevant health and safety enforcement agency, in accordance with current gas safety legislation in force.


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February 2013

assorted logosWe are pleased to announce that two members of staff, Stephen Prater Jnr & David Gardner attended the Gelder Training Academy

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can i buy cenforce online

January 2013

buy cenforce cheapCrawfords RepairNet League table results.

We are extremely pleased to announce

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how to buy cenforce

August 2012

shirtPrater Contracts has sponsored the new training kit at Lesmahagow J.F.C.

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