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A major boiler leak flooded us out our property in the run up to Christmas and after being continually messed about by our insurance company, we finally managed to get them to appoint Prater Contracts Limited to replace all downstairs ceilings/ walls, electrics, fix doors and carry out a full redecoration.

The team at PCL were fantastic – they were professional and project managed everything and saved me from having to liaise with our loss adjuster, which was a major relief.

They guaranteed to have everything complete within 2 weeks and they did. They had different teams of tradesmen onsite everyday working together to finish all the tasks.  I received an update first thing every day and they worked around any commitments we had and finished on the 23rd December just in time for Christmas.

I cannot praise them highly enough for their quality staff and their attention to detail – ensuring everything was completed to our satisfaction was superb.

I would use them again in an instant if I was to do any further development work on our property and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

They are a trustworthy, reliable family business which is rare to find these days

Mr G Reilly


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“To all at Prater Contracts,
We would just like to thank everyone who worked at the property and their help in getting the place back together so quickly. We would recommend your company to anyone. Iain Shaw & Stephen were fantastic in organising everything and dealing with the Insurance Company. Thank you to them.”

Mr & Mrs Latchford


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“Just to say thank you for your excellent service. It was very much appreciated.”

Mrs Harvey


can you buy cenforce over the counter

“Prater Contracts Ltd are a first class workforce. I would highly recommend them.  They have just completed refurbishing my bathroom. It now looks amazing, everything with a superior finish. The Team were professional, friendly and polite. They kept to deadlines and kept me informed throughout . A credit to themselves and the company.  I am a very happy customer.”

Margaret McCrossan


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“A professional dependable personable company who take a great deal of pride in their work. Finishes are of a high standard and nothing is too much trouble. Made the whole process much easier to cope with. Highly recommended.”

Jan Bruce

7 Main Street Cleland Lanarkshire ML1 5QW T: 08717 340 640 E: buy cenforce online europe