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Cenforce brand, Buy cenforce tablets

February 2013

assorted logosWe are pleased to announce that two members of staff, Stephen Prater Jnr & David Gardner attended the Gelder Training Academy

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January 2013

buy cenforce antibioticCrawfords RepairNet League table results.

We are extremely pleased to announce

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August 2012

shirtPrater Contracts has sponsored the new training kit at Lesmahagow J.F.C.

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July 2012

shottsPCL sponsors the Texas Scramble in Shotts Golf Club.

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June 2012

footballPrater Contracts have sponsored the new football strips for Cambusnethan Talbot Football Club.

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March 2012

kbaWe have successfully been accepted and we are now an approved contractor for Kerr Baxter Associates Ltd

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November 2011

safeThree members of our staff, Stephen Prater Jnr, Dean Ward & Iain Shaw all attended an Asbestos Awareness Course on 02/11/201.

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September 2011

agricalPrater Contracts are pleased to announce we have successfully been accepted and we are now an approved contractor for Agrical Ltd

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September 2011

golf dayPrater Contracts sponsor 5th hole at the ‘James Fowler Testimonial Golf Day’

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July 2011

PCUKWe are pleased to announce we have been successfully accepted into the Property Consortium network

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